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Yahoo Local Reviews for Woodside Auto & Tire Citysearch reviews for Woodside Auto & Tire Google Places reviews for Woodside Auto & Tire Yelp reviews for Woodside Auto & Tire

Customer Reviews & Stories

"I don't usually leave Yelp reviews, but when I do... It's because the place is awesome.

I made an appointment the night before for 7:30am the next morning (apparently appointments aren't necessary though), but of course, I overslept and missed it. When I arrived at 10:30am, they were all very forgiving and super kind. Besides being very knowledgable, the staff was eager to help and was very patient at my lack of knowledge about car/auto stuff. There's complimentary coffee and soft drinks available for you as you wait, as well as magazines and free wifi. They offered me a ride to work so I wouldn't have to sit and wait. The ride to and from work was pleasant - Jim was very friendly which made my ride to work nice. They called me a few times throughout the day to update me with what's happening with my car, which was helpful.

While I don't know too much about standard pricing for auto services, I think the price I paid was very reasonable. I got a smog test, safety inspection, oil change, rotated tires, replaced my air filter and fixed an annoying crack on my windshield for around $170, which I don't think is bad. They made a list of parts I should replace for next time, and did not pressure me to get the things fixed now. Ultimately, given the price and the great service, this place is a pretty good deal. I'll be coming back here for all my auto/car related needs."

Christine T. – Yelp

"Incredible service today for smog. It was like walking into a restaurant you haven't been to in years, and having the friendly waitress remember your name and the chef come out from the kitchen to welcome you back! Chelsea and Jim were two of the friendliest customer service people I have ever dealt with. Thanks for the great service!"

Rob D. – Yelp

"Just had some major work done by Matt and the team, Oil Leak, Shocks and some other odds and ends on my 2000 Suburban. Great Job!!!! Highly recommend the work, service was top notch."

gerardah – Yahoo Local

"Auto and Tire was good. They gave me friendly and helpful service matching the price of a big name company for a set of 4 tires. They even agreed to look at this confusing oil leak from my engine. One mechanic said it was from the valve cover and another said the oil pan. They said they would confirm. They worked around my schedule when I got swamped at work and couldn't take lunch until 2. Alex L."

Jennifer – Yahoo Local

"Friendly staff, complimentary snacks/soda/coffee, and great service! They are reasonably priced and VERY transparent about how much each service costs (and why). They were extremely knowledgeable and got my car up and running for about half of what I thought it would cost and in way less time."

Yahoo Local User

"Our family has been taking all of our cars to Woodside Auto for over six years and we've been very pleased. Matt and his team have always provided us with excellent service, fast turnaround and reasonable pricing. They also give professional and expert advice on your vehicles so you know what to expect for future maintenance visits. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

Sherry – Yahoo Local

I've brought a few different cars/trucks to Woodside Auto over the years... ALWAYS a great experience. Friendly, they shoot you straight, and their work is top notch - - and trustworthy! Today, I was in a bind at the DMV and needed a smog check for my 2004 Honda CRV. I made a call, explained my situation, and they told me to come right in. They took care of me as soon as I arrived. I was on my way back to the DMV with a Smog Certificate within :30 min. Quality service.

I've lived in the South Bay for a few years now, and haven't found a shop that comes close to the service Woodside Auto provides.

Whenever possible, I'll drive my cars & trucks up to Woodside Auto from the South Bay, just to have these cats service my vehicles. Top Notch.

J K. – Yelp

"I'm pretty sure it is required by law that the day one gets a flat tire will suck. Somehow today has been outstandingly pleasant, and the good folks at Woodside Auto & Tire have been a big part of that.

I left my morning work meeting to find that my car, which had been sitting in a parking lot, was now sporting a flat tire. I called in my roadside service and when my Helpful Roadside Assistant arrived he offered to take me to a nearby shop that he knew and trusted to get my tire repaired. The cynical asshole in me was concerned I was being scammed/roped into some manner of scheme, but as I was outside my usual territory/didn't know anywhere to go for service and couldn't drive home on what I had I went along with it and hoped for the best.

Helpful Roadside Assistant took me to Woodside Auto & Tire and assured me I would be "in good hands." As a petite female who has had some less-than-stellar experiences with car maintenance and repair businesses, I entered braced for the worst. Everyone I encountered in this establishment was, to put it bluntly, delightful. They were completely straightforward about what was going on with my tire, how much it would cost and how long it would take. They treated me like an intelligent human being and were downright pleasant to talk to while I waited. They got my car tended to and quickly had me back on the road. It was the best possible experience I could have hoped to have in the midst of an afternoon that was completely derailed by a flat."

Dani B. – Yelp

"Great customer service and worries about your safety. Thank you to jimmy Chelsea and Luis"

Ariel P. – Yelp

"Had to get my 8 year old car smogged, so I Yelped for a local shop the can do the job. I have to say that the positive reviews here for Woodside Auto & Tire are well-deserved. Jimmy and the team are the nicest batch of people I've ever met at a car shop. Easy to setup the appointment, they were ready when I got there, no problems and nothing but happy, friendly service. At this point I can only speak to their smog check service, so if you need your car smogged, definitely give Woodside A & T a try."

Rick C. – Yelp

"Woodside Auto. I came away with the a great car that had been honed over with a fine tooth comb. Matt had rebuilt or repaired everything that typically goes wrong with a 12 year old Mercedes, and taken the time to open the back door to check a clunking sound in the electric locking system. In addition, he kept his word by holding the car till I arrived from 600 miles away to purchase it. He also made sure all the fluids were topped off and the oil changed for me. Matt is a straight talking business man that I would trust for any repair or purchase!"

Marian S. – Google Plus

"Have taken all my cars here for years. Great fast service. Matt is someone I have grown to trust and has my business because of knowledge and expertise. Woodside Auto has done work on my Acura, Toyota, and VW. They really do it all - oil changes, annual mainteance, tires and fixed a window after someone did a smash and grab at a 49er game. Just walk in with an automotive question and Matt and team will point you in the right direction."

Greg B. – Google Plus

"When both of our vehicles needed all new tires, I went right to Yelp and found Woodside Auto and Tire. The reviews were great so I decided to try them out on one car. They were friendly, professional, reasonable and were able to get the car in right away. I then had them replace the tires on our truck as well. Same great results. Both our vehicles were out of warranty and I had been wanting to find an alternative to the dealerships high prices for service and parts. I have been very happy with the service and quality."

Google Plus User

"My husband and I have been going to Woodside Auto for over six years now and Matt and his team have always provided us with incredible service. We know we're in good hands with Woodside Auto and always feel at ease dropping any of our cars off there for maintenance. From service check-ups to new tires, to consulting us on how long we need to keep our older cars, we always get expert advice. We always get great service, reasonable pricing and the turn around time is excellent. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

Google Plus User

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